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Find out about the story and the people involved in making this project happen.

BOOM is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Spotify and basically wherever you listen to podcasts.

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The project is a completely different kind of endeavor for Observer Pictures. While the last two projects were short films, BOOM is going to be the first audio project as well as the first serialized one.

BOOM is a story about loss and recovery. Porter, a computer technician and outdoor enthusiast, must come to terms with the murder of his best friend--love of his life--Genevieve. It's far from an easy road. Porter suffers through a long physical recovery as well as a mental one. The lead detective on the case believes Porter is the killer, and his two best friends are trying their hardest to get him back to the guy he once was.

The first season plus two bonus episodes are available now. Season 2 will be available weekly beginning Friday, March 2 . For more character information, check us out on Facebook .

Friday, March 2 Facebook

Garrett DeLozier as PorterCharity Spencer as GenevieveBrian Irwin as LukeAvalon Herron as DaxWendy Keeling as Detective HaileyMelinda Paul as MyraCourtney Holly as AlisonTheren Womack as Dr. AbbottStephanie Hall Wedan as Mrs. Owens Nurse CharliePeter Aylward as Mr. Owens DanPaige DeLozier as Connie AnnaDavid Hiller as Harry IsaacMark Schlicher as Dr. Dill Mr. HanoverDalila Ferrer as Detective Santos (Season One)Kristen James as Detective Santos (Season Two)Michael Ahr as the Narrator

Director/Writer - Faith McQuinnProduction Sound - Matthew L. Hankins (Season One)Production Sound - Karl Huber, Pod Studio 1 (Season Two)Assistant Director - Amanda Lorraine2nd Assistant Director - Van DonnellOriginal Music - Brian IrwinSound Design and Mix - Joshua SuhySound Editing - Faith McQuinnSound Mixing - Michael A. Bowers (Episodes 1-3)Foley - Joshua Shuy and Josh HastickCasting - Courtney EdwardsProduction Assistant - Ryan Allen

For as little as $1 a month, you can support the cast and crew. Plus there are rewards! (And everyone loves rewards.)

Cell Ranger 1.2 and later support libraries generated by the Chromium Single Cell 3′ v1 and v2 reagent kits, whereas Cell Ranger 1.1 and earlier do not support v2 libraries. Support for 5′ reagents is new in Cell Ranger 2.1.

The Cell Ranger workflow starts with demultiplexing the raw base call (BCL) files for each flowcell directory. 10x recommends using cellranger mkfastq as described in Generating FASTQs . However, it is possible to get compatible FASTQ files other ways, such as by starting with a public dataset which provides them, or using bcl2fastq directly . In that case, you would skip mkfastq and begin with cellranger count . Please see the Specifying Input FASTQs page for specific guidelines on which arguments to use for your scenario.

The subsequent steps vary depending on how many samples, libraries, and flowcells you have. We will describe them in order of increasing complexity:

This is the most basic case. You have a single biological sample, which was prepared into a single library, and then sequenced on a single flowcell. Assuming the FASTQs have been generated with cellranger mkfastq , you just need to run cellranger count as described in Single-Library Analysis .

If you have a library which was sequenced across multiple flowcells (e.g. to increase sequencing saturation), you can pool the reads from both sequencing runs. Follow the steps in nike free run womens gray size 9
to combine them in a single cellranger count run.

This comprises two scenarios.

If you prepared multiple libraries from the same sample (technical replicates, for example), then each one should be run through a separate instance of cellranger count . Once those are completed, you can perform a combined analysis using cellranger aggr , as described in Multi-Library Aggregation . (This is illustrated in the figure).

If you prepared multiple libraries from the same sample and want to pool them and analyze the combined data as a single sample, then you will need to use the MRO syntax to treat the multiple libraries as coming from a single sample. (This is not illustrated in the figure).

An interdisciplinary journal published by the Société d’études du XVIIe siècle covering diverse disciplines in seventeenth-century studies: art, history, law, literature, philosophy, science, and religion.

When new issues are published

Your alert request has been correctly taken into account. You will receive an email when new issues are put online.


Created in 1949, XVII e Siècle is published by the Société d'études du XVIIe siècle, which is presided by Jean-Marie Constant. The purpose of this interdisciplinary journal is to develop knowledge and understanding of the seventeenth century in its entirety, and notably in the fields of art, history, law, literature, philosophy, science, and religion.

To this aim, the journal welcomes contributions from French and foreign researchers and amateur scholars. All submitted articles are reviewed for publication by the editorial committee. The journal alternates panoramic and thematic issues, which are elaborated under the direction of a prominent scholar. Each volume also provides reviews of recently published works on the seventeenth century (around 130 reviews per year).

Journal director: Stéphane Macé

Editor-in-chief: Delphine Reguig

Assistant editor-in-chief: Benoist Pierre

Editorial Secretaries: Jean-Marc Civardi and Delphine Kolesnik

Critical review editors: Karine Abiven and Nicolas Richard

Editorial committee: Jean-Robert Armogathe, Lucien Bély, Christian Biet, Mercedes Blanco, Caroline Callard, Olivier Chaline, Patrick Dandrey, Jean-Charles Darmon, Delphine Denis, Anne Le Pas de Sécheval, Hélène Merlin, Jean-Pierre Poussou, Béatrix Saule, Anne-Elisabeth Spica, Laurent Susini, Laurent Thirouin, Gisèle Venet.

Go to:

Société d'études du XVIIe siècle

Université de Paris Sorbonne

1 rue Victor Cousin

75230 Paris cedex 05


Website:ècle uses cookies for statistical analysis. These anonymous data allow us to improve your online experience. If you continue browsing our web site you accept to receive cookies from us. You can, however, turn them off in your browser settings.

Cairn International Edition is a service dedicated to helping a non–French–speaking readership to browse, read, and discover work published in French journals. You will find English full–text translations, in addition to French version already available on Cairn regular edition. Full text translations only exist for a selection of articles.

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